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Professor Dr. George Mongay, D.B.A. is one of the most respected thinkers and teachers in international management. He is considered by most business students and executives as the most influential teacher in their academic programs. Department most read author (Researchgate, 2016), Best Evaluated Business Teacher 2016 & Selected Paper AIB  2012. A truly Inspirational  & "Action Driven speaker".

Prof JM is author of 3 books in the field of International Business and Marketing Strategy and authored papers at the International Journal of Global Trade and Markets (IJGTM), International Journal of Competitiveness or Academy of International Business (AIB)  among others. 

Jorge (George) Mongay works as an off-site adviser for Management Committees, Executive Consulting , Speaker at events, Corporate Training, B-Schools & MBA. Areas of expertise and research interests are: International Business, International Marketing, Emerging Markets, Cross Cultural Management, Global Marketing, Global Strategy, Services Management.   

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Author of 3 textbooks, several journal and scientific indexed articles, simultaneous academic and consulting activity in 3 continents (Asia, Europe and US), business talks based on first hand experience, 94% of the participants in GM,s speeches and classes recommend the speaker. 

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