1. Emotional AD campaign 1. Chupete, Spain.
2. Emotional AD campaign TRUE Com. (Thailand). Giving
3. Emotional AD campaign TRUE Com. 8Thailand). Compassion.
4. Emotional AD campaign. AIS. Thailand. Samrak-AIS. 
5. The power of teamwork,  not group work. Japan, here.
6. Pepe Mugica, Uruguay. We know the what but do we know the why? Here.
7. Tom Shoes USA. The 1 for 1 business model. Does it works? Does it help? Here.
8. Apple Mission statement, USA. Here
9. Amazon Founder Jow Bezzos, 2010 USA, on Leadership. 
10. Aung San Suu Kyi, Nobel Prize speech. 2012. Leadership.
11. Cultural differences , Valerie Hoecks. Maslow reinvented.
13. Stephen Covey, 4 disciplines of execution. Organizational Goals.
14. JK Rowling at Harvard. Speech 2011. Leadership.
15. Not for sale. UNED. Corporate Social Responsibility.
16. Overdose the next financial crisis. Gov. intervention and public debt. Documentary
17. Planeta Zara. Global Strategy. Spanish.
18. Randy Pausch last lecture at  CMU. Sense of orientation. leadership, here.
19. Ryanair, the hidden face of low cost. Caught napping documentary.
20. Wal Mart, The high price of the low cost. 2005. Social Responsibility documentary.
21. Simon Sinek, The Why. Communication and Leadership.
22. A day at El Bulli. The best restaurant in the world. Spanish.  Operations Management in a service. 


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